Mission and Vision

An integrated, developed coastal area with gender  justice, equality and economic self sufficiency.

Who we are

Cheru Resmi means “Small Ray of Light” was started by the Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary known as ICM Sisters in 1983. CRC was registered by late Sr. Rose P. V  in on 18 March 1987 under Travancore Cochin Charitable societies Act. It is women’s organization founded and managed by women members with the aim of all around development of fishing community, especially women and children for their education and empowerment through their organized strength. This society works with active participation and membership of women leaders of the locality.

What we do

We respond to the emerging needs of the fishing community by penetrating in to the lives of  community and  sharing their problems .  Though the women plays a key role in the economy of the fishing community, there is a strong patriarchal attitude, which keeps the women victims of violence. Alcoholism, unemployment, domestic violence and child abuse suicide tendencies anti social activities etc are some of the  social problems prevalent among the coastal areas. Alcohol-related diseases like heart problem , lung problems and grievousness ailments like cancer are very common in the area.  A good number of men die young with  accidents while fishing at sea, leaving behind a high number of young widows living in dire poverty without  a source  income.

Our Approach

We believe in creating awareness among the people to stand together to get their legitimate rights in through peaceful means by people’s organization and strength. We work for the formation of various groups such as women, the widows, the elderly, the youth, children etc. Our means are through campaigns, advocacy and people movements to net working  and to  rally together to achieve their goals.