Training Programmes

Vigilance awareness   programmesfor  the community

When Thomas Jacob was the director of the VigilanceDepartment. Three awareness camps were organised for the fishingcommunity onvarious lawsare existing for their welfare and how to apply for such schemes. There was also an arrangement to high light complainand problems faced by people before the jury and official’s from various departments were present to rectify and clarify the problems.

Hostel For Girls

Cheru Resmi Centre Hostel, Valiathura, Thiruvananthapuram

In order to support and promote the  education of girls in the coastal area we have stated the hostel for the girls.we provide facilities for the integral development and growth of the girls through counseling,and psyche-emotional and spiritual  growth. we also give carrier guidance,and coaching according the needs of the students .Our motive is  empowerment of girls and preference is given to girls who are coming from difficult situations . We can provide accommodations for twenty girls  per year

Hostel Students

Legal Service

Legal Education and Legal Protection to women with support Legal Service Authority with Kerala State Social Welfare Board

Legal Awareness and Protection for victims of violence through Service Provides Centre at Valiathura Legal Concilors available for free legal services for five days a week.  We try to settled the legal disputes amicably among the parties through counselling, meditation etc.  We also settled the case with the help of judiciary.  We give legal awareness programmes to the community, and consultation to people in need.  We also give shelter to women who are in need shelter.

Skill Training Programmes

Our empowerment  for youth includes various skill traing for the excluded communities such as tailoring  through our “mobile tailoring  units ”  at Beemapalli , Vallakadu  and Parthikuzi etc.

There  are also various  skills  imparted unemployed youth like making paper bags making , umbrella making  pickle making etc


Skill Training

Domestic Data Entry Operation course collaboration with Jan Sikshan Sansthan (JSS)

LM – suchitva theeram sundara theeram campaign

CRC organized a waste management campaign to establish a proper waste management system in our targeted area.  

womens day celebration 2020

women’s day celebration-2020

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Our Initiatives

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