Implementing Govt.Schemes

We educate the people about the various government Schemes and people get the benefit of such programmes.

Ayurveda Medical Camp 2021

“KIRANAM” Medical Camp for School Children at Cheru Resmi Centre , Poonthura, inaugurated by Ayurveda College Principal Smt. Jai G collaborates with Women & Child Ayurveda College Poojappura.

womens day celebration 2020

women’s day celebration-2020

Human Right’s Day

December 10 – Observing Human Rights Day at Cheru Resmi Centre, Poonthura.

Pocket Meeting at Pratheeksh Flat


We conduct  various training and  seminars for the leaders in order to  make people aware of the socio-economic and political developments of the state and nation National Food  security  Act 2013  is being implanted  by Kerala  Govt. and its  implication  on the lives of the poor need to have Ration cards  and need to be  alert  when dealing with

Public distribution system .

Meeting with Minister

Submitting memorandum of waste management in Thiruvananthapuram Coastal line.

Youth for Change

We have 15 youth groups at our working area.  We conduct training on various topics for youths.  We formed youth resource Centre at various area and provide them with skills.

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Our Initiatives

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