Pennoruma winner 2019

CRC got selected for the best women’s organization in Thiruvananthapuram District.

Summer Camp 2019

During summer holidays CRC organized Summer Camps in collaboration with KANAL and WWF. We conducted basic courses for languages including Malayalam, English and Hindi. Extracurricular activities like drama, singing, dancing, drawing, painting and playing games were part of the programme. We also organized pleasure with knowledge trips for entertainment.

LM – suchitva theeram sundara theeram campaign

CRC organized a waste management campaign to establish a proper waste management system in our targeted area.  

Paper Bag Making Training Programme

Skill Training Programmes

Our empowerment  for youth includes various skill traing for the excluded communities such as tailoring  through our “mobile tailoring  units ”  at Beemapalli , Vallakadu  and Parthikuzi etc.

There  are also various  skills  imparted unemployed youth like making paper bags making , umbrella making  pickle making etc


Implementing Govt.Schemes

We educate the people about the various government Schemes and people get the benefit of such programmes.

Youth for Change

We have 15 youth groups at our working area.  We conduct training on various topics for youths.  We formed youth resource Centre at various area and provide them with skills.


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Our Initiatives

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