Development and Access to Entitlements of the Marginalised 


Our partnership with Lok Manch for Empowerment of the excluded. A National platform developed to ensure the dignity and rights of the marginalized through policy interventions and socio-political-economic and cultural issues responded by Jesuits in partnership with hundred organizations all over the country.

CRC is working in collaboration with this people’s movement in order to strengthen the unorganized fish workers and other weaker sections for improved access to their entitlements.

Core principles Lok Manch is Decentralized participate decision making, transparency in accountability, Shared responsibility and team work Planning and implementation with long term perspective and empowerment of the most vulnerable of the society.

100 organizations in 16 states of India would work for the improved access to National food security act (NFSA) and SC/ST act Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) and related government schemes monitored by the local community leaders in selected areas. The people are given awareness, training on leadership skills,to avail the services which are the due.

Each organization identify 3000 house hold in the locality first, have the base line survey conducted, choose 150 family as one pocket and select 2 leaders and 1 mobilize from each unit and train the leaders on what are their duties and responsibilities and various schemes and benefits to all the people particularly the poor and the backward communities.

Being the partner organization Cheru Resmi Centre has appointed the staff, identified the area Poonthura 10 pockets, Valiathura 6 pockets Beemapally 4 pockets.

Lok Manch Programmes